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Today I chat with Kendra, a cosplayer who was interviewed by Screen Junkies at comic con. This normally would be fun and exciting, except the interviewer only wanted to talk about Kendra’s body. 

Today we talk about how she made her costume, how to interview cosplayers with respect, and why we love cosplaying so much! Oh, and we also have a fun shopping trip at Daiso.

Anonymous asked: How do you manage to be so confident? I mean, I try so hard to love and accept myself but I can't help but feel disgusted at myself every time I look in the mirror... and hating myself so much got me into anorexia nervosa actually. And I still can't accept myself the way I am. I feel fat and I feel ugly. I wish I was as gorgeous and as confident as you are. You're seriously so beautiful.


Sometimes I feel like we’re conditioned to doubt ourselves - I used to struggle with how I looked and it was pretty crippling. Also, coming from a mixed background (Russian-Chinese Australian) I had a lot of conflicting beauty ideals I felt I had to live up to. I used to have eating disorders during my teens (sadly, I feel like this is almost a coming of age for girls). I have always been considered too chubby or whatever by most people I’ve known growing up - even family and friends would constantly try to ‘help’ me with dieting/weightloss tips, etc, but the truth is that I’m just predispositioned to be juicy. The turning point was simple -  I got tired of hating myself and wasting so much energy on feeling bad. It’s boring. I decided to trust myself. What I’ve found the most interesting about this is that when I decided to love myself and feel confident that’s really when other people began responding differently (positively) to me as well.

Do you find feeling insecure about the way you look to be counter-productive? When I began to put my energy into other things like my art etc that’s when my career really took off and so many amazing opportunities and people entered my life! It’s so much more rewarding than hating yourself and I feel so much happier just with all the things I have going on in my life, I don’t really have any energy left for negativity.

I feel very grateful for my body - I see it as something separate to my soul and myself - and it’s the only body I’ll ever have so I should be kind to it and love it. It’s seen me through my teens and all the bullshit I went through, all my highs and lows, every experience, and will be there for me until I die.

I always like to mention that we all have bad days, but just recognise them for what they are and be kind to yourself. It’s 3am so I hope this hasn’t been too messy to read. Good luck, beautiful, I know you’ll get there :) xo